Project information 

2008 CCC Urban Design Strategy and Concept Plan 

These documents show Council's original vision for Kangaroo Bay 

2010 CCC Community Participation Policy

Council identified important principles: 

  • To facilitate Council’s role to represent the community and to be an advocate for the community;

  • To provide good governance;

  • To ensure Council makes informed decisions; and

  • To ensure Council has active/meaningful community participation.

Updated Bicycle/Walking Track (shown in yellow)

For cyclists once the new development and right of way is completed in Kangaroo Bay.  

As shown at the Bellerive Yacht Club AGM on 28 June 2017.

Development Application 

Development Application and Plans

Town Planning and Architecture Reports

Traffic Impact Assessment

Marine Environmental Assessment Report 

Engineer Report

CCC Approval

Future Potential Development

Knight Frank map showing lots for development 

4 June 2017 Community Meeting 

Community Meeting information 

Community Meeting questionnaire

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4. Write a Letter to the Editor
5. Write to Mayor Doug Chipman
6. Write to Premier Will Hodgman
7. Attend a Council meeting
8. Support Planning Matters
9. Write to Robert Morris-Nunn
10. Talk with your neighbours!
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REMEMBER: You don't need to live in Bellerive to speak up for the appropriate development of Kangaroo Bay.  Make your voice heard! 
You can also write to Clarence Aldermen:
1. Write to Brendan Blomeley
2. Write to Heather Chong
3. Write to Luke Edmunds
4. Write to Richard James
5. Write to Wendy Kennedy
6. Write to Tony Mulder
7. Write to John Peers
8. Write to John Peers
9. Write to Sharyn von Bertouch
10. Write to James Walker
11. Write to Beth Warren
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